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Originally developed for bars and nightclubs. The light sensitivity of the NiteDevil is so good that it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions.

The advanced electronics in the NiteDevil camera allows ‘multi frame’ interrogation, effectively increasing the exposure time. This coupled with a high sensitivity CCD and a variable electronic shutter will allow the camera to obtain a picture where a “normal” camera would fail.

Unsure how to configure you camera or what changing the settings will actually do? Please read our Tip no.295.

Yes, The NiteDevil Cameras were originally developed for bars and nightclubs.

HD Cameras give you broadcast quality images to help with clearer identification on recorded CCTV footage.

The simple answer is yes. Although there are exceptions, primarily private households and some organisations, there is a duty by all scheme operators to respect an individual's privacy and basic human rights. This means ensuring that if individuals are likely to be captured on a CCTV system, that they must to be informed of such using appropriate signage.

According to the guidelines for good CCTV practice, when a person enters an area where CCTV images are being recorded of them, they should be made aware of this by visible signage.

More information can be found at the web site and at the Information Commissioner's Office web site.

The best way to stop interference on you images is to use quality cable. See our tip no.246.

To seek support for your NiteDevil camera, contact your installer.

We cannot support you direct, however, please use the online form to contact us and we can send you a contact list of local installers who will be able to offer you support.